High-speed cable Internet service

Convenient, high-speed and reasonable

Always connected
  • No dial-up connection. No busy signal.
100M service
  • Speed (best effort): Downstream 100 Mbps, Upstream 2 Mbps
  • Only 4,700yen per month(without tax)
  • No telephone charge
30M service
  • Speed (best effort): Downstream 30 Mbps, Upstream 2 Mbps
  • Only 4,300yen per month(without tax)
  • No telephone charge
6M service
  • Speed (best effort): Downstream 6 Mbps, Upstream 512 Kbps
  • Only 3,800yen per month (without tax)
  • No telephone charge

Initial fee(witout tax)

Registration fee10,000yen
Installation fee10,000yen (standard)

Additional charge will be required if additional setting or installation is required.
If you are not wired to ACCS cable, connection is required beforehand.
(You are connected if you can get pictures on analog channel 9 or digital channel 11 on your television)
If you live in apartment house, confirm that the booster is suited for cable Internet.

Monthly Charge ( without tax )

Service NameMonthly Basic Charge
100M service4,700yen
30M service4,300yen
6M service3,800yen

It is included cable modem rental, one mail account and 100M-bytes home-page area.

Optional Service,Monthly Charge(without tax)

Service NameMonthly Basic Charge
Wi-Fi modem option400yen
Additional mail account (up to 5 accounts)200yen per one account
Server option3,000yen


Only credit card with Visa,Master,DC,AMEX,JCB,NICOS and Dinners Club Card is accepted.

System requirements

  • Personal computer; models capable of Ethernet connection
  • Operating System; Windows Vista, 7, 8,8.1 or 10: MacOS X
    *Windows 95,98,Me,2000,XP: MacOS 8.x and MacOS 9.x are not supported.
  • Network Interface; 100Base-TX
  • Network cable; Category-5 (or higher) straight

ACCS does not necessarily assure that above conditions always result in satisfactory service. For detail, please refer to your computer dealer or manufacture.