Cable-plus Phone

Low-cost service provided through cooperation with a cable television service!

Cable-plus Phone(KDDI website)

Initial fee(with tax)

Registration fee11,000yen
Installation fee6,600yen (standard)

Additional charge will be required if additional setting or installation is required.
If you are not wired to ACCS cable, connection is required beforehand.
(You are connected if you can get pictures on analog channel 9 or digital channel 11 on your television)
If you live in apartment house, confirm that the booster is suited for cable Internet.

Monthly Charge ( with tax )

Monthly Basic Charge1,463yen

It is included EMTA and Up-converter rental.
Additionally, 3 yen/month (from July, 2012) is charged per contracted telephone number as a universal service fee.

Optional Service,Monthly Charge(with tax)

Service NameMonthly Basic Charge
Call-waiting (Catch phone)330yen
Incoming number display (Number display)440yen
Caller ID request (Number request)220yen
Call-waiting number display (Catch phone display)110yen
Nuisance call blocking (Nuisance call blocking service)770yen
Call forwarding [1]550yen
Check KDDI incoming call history with your au mobile phone [2]Free
Dual-tone multi-frequency
(without abbreviated dialing service function)
Phone number change announcementFree
International call blockFree

[1]Unconditional forwarding, Busy-line forwarding, Scheduled forwarding are available. These services differ from NTT subscriber phone’s Voice Warp in terms of functionality. The setting can be configured or modified with a touch-tone phone or on the Self Page (However, the Scheduled forwarding function is settable only on the Self Page).

[2]To activate the incoming call notification function, the setting for activation with a registered au mobile phone is required. You can select from “Notification of all calls”, “No reply (including the case when the line is busy line)”, “No notification”. The setting can be modified with a touch-tone phone or on the Self Page and the EZ Self Page. As information pertaining to the privacy (such as time/date to receive a call, caller’s ID) will be sent to your au mobile phone, please make sure to let us know your au mobile phone number accurately at the time of application.


Only credit card with Visa,Master,DC,AMEX,JCB,NICOS and Dinners Club Card is accepted.

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