ACCSTV,ACCSnet&Cable-plus Phone Set Service

Initial fee(without tax)

Service NameRegistration fee
(without tax)
Installation fee
(without tax)
accstvDigital Plus &accsnet10,000yen15,000yen
accstv& Cable-plus Phone10,000yen10,000yen
accstv Digital Plus & Cable-plus Phone10,000yen15,000yen
accsnet& Cable-plus Phone20,000yen10,000yen
accstv,accsnet & Cable-plus Phone20,000yen14,000yen
accstv Digital Plus,accsnet & Cable-plus Phone20,000yen19,000yen

Additional charge will be required if additional setting or installation is required.
If you are not wired to ACCS cable, connection is required beforehand.
(You are connected if you can get pictures on analog channel 9 or digital channel 11 on your television)
If you live in apartment house, confirm that the booster is suited for cable Internet.

Monthly Charge (without tax)

Monthly Charge ( without tax )
accstvaccsnetCable-plus PhoneMonthly Charge
Digital Premire+100M service+Cable-plus Phone9,830yen
30M service9,630yen
6M service9,130yen
Digital Light+100M service+Cable-plus Phone7,430yen
30M service7,130yen
6M service6,630yen
Digital Premire+100M service8,800yen
30M service8,600yen
6M service8,100yen
Digital Light+100M service6,300yen
30M service6,000yen
6M service5,500yen
Digital Premire+Cable-plus Phone6,130yen
Digital Light3,130yen
100M service+Cable-plus Phone5,630yen
30M service5,530yen
6M service5,030yen

It is not included NHK BS contract charge.
It is included cable modem rental, one mail account and 50M-bytes home-page area.